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2015 CYO Tap Off Schedule

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3rd Boys Tap Off 2015

3rd Girls Tap Off 2015

4th Boys Tap Off 2015

4th Girls Tap Off 2015

5th Boys Tap Off 2015

5th Girls Tap Off 2015

6th Boys Tap Off 2015

6th Girls Tap Off

7th Boys Tap Off 2015

8th Boys Tap Off 2015

8th Girls Tap Off 2015

 Ryan Goodson Team Clinics 2015


 sports calendar 15-16



2015 – 16 CYO Practice Schedule

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2015 – 2016 CYO Rules and Exceptions


are posted under the


Rules and Miscellaneous Tab on the Left


OLSS Fall Intramural Schedules are posted


iWork_youth_basketball_clinic iWork_6_week_clinic


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